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Custom Booklet Printing, Graphic Design & Marketing Company

Our company all started when our CEO became frustrated with the level of service, he was receiving for any type of marketing/printing for another company he owns.  So many times, he said it was a joke; they would invite him either to breakfast, lunch or dinner but this all hinged on what type of payment he sent.  If he sent the lowest possible amount then their office manager just brought in donuts and hot beverages.  However; when he sent the next level of payment, they always asked him out to lunch.  Finally, whenever he made payment the third level of payment for the account, he was called to join them for a dinner meeting.  This was going on for quite a while and he decided to test this; thus, one time he told the office manager he was sending a payment in for the first tier and they scheduled a lunch but then he sent the highest amount.  I bet you know what happened; they called to cancel the lunch and changed it to dinner as that was exactly what he expected.

It was not this alone that got him to throw in the towel with this large firm in NYC.  There were always deadlines on projects and as long as changes were made by that deadline no problem.  One time he wanted to make a simple text change to the body inside the brochure they were producing for him.  He submitted it well within time but then at the lunch they informed him that it was too late and there would be a charge.  He said forget it; just run it as is; then he politely sent them a letter and let them know he would no longer be needing the use of their services anymore.

Within the next week, he started to research the possibility of acquiring equipment to start doing some simple small printing in his facility.  He knew that he had to bring on a reliable graphic design team and he did; thus the concept for his company was born.  But the world didn’t know about it as he only took on a few clients on as he was just getting used to the business.  Within a few years, he built a production studio and custom online web presence with management tools to make order processing, proofing, and tracking go smoothly.

Graphic Design:

Today, so many printers are all about getting it done fast and making a quick buck at Neighborhood Publications we make sure you are happy with the design and we monitor your job from start to finish to ensure the highest level of quality.  You won’t get that at the superstores and not with a large diverse array of paper selections we have at our fingertips.


Whether you are looking for a simple design for a flyer or a more robust creative piece for your marketing and sales sheets our design team has the knowledge and experience to develop the perfect piece every time.  At Neighborhood Publications as part of our process, we will always have a set of questions for you to answer before completing your order.  We do this because in our industry we know marketing and graphics but we need to know what makes you unique from you.  Of course, we will further research but it's important to give us as information in the question phase as this will make you align with our creative team much quicker then if you didn’t.

Designing and printing is just part of the mix we also offer and design complete marketing campaigns where we create and design different marketing pieces to captivate your potential market and thus bring you more interested clients.  What we don’t do is just throw a hundred things at you and say let’s do this.  We start with our question process to understand who/what and where we can find your prospects.  Our team then takes that information and carefully sculpts a creative marketing plan that will touch on your points at many different times in a variety of ways using different marketing vehicles.


Now that you have your plan, its created and if it's print we need to get it out to your target that’s why we handle all your mailing services.  Did you know that we can mail almost everyone in your town for much less than was you would pay to send a standard USPS postal letters?  Our team is constantly researching new more efficient ways to get your mail delivered in the most cost-productive and efficient manner.  Maybe you need us to send out your mailing in parts; one town this week, another next week and following a third town plus we will make sure that each mailing has its own code so you know which area is responding to your offers.


Whether you are lawyer, doctor, architect, engineer or a home packrat of paper or photos let Neighborhood Publications transform that clutter into an organized set of easy to access folders that we can deliver on a DVD or USB.  We have many times in the past taken thousands of pages, scanned them and then delivered them a court to be parts of an evidence submission chain.


With the beginning of our new century websites, I’m sure will agree have changed from the simple one page, too a three, for or more page site.  What’s even more interesting is the importance of good content thus we wrote our own backend web management system which serves as your WCMS (Web Content Management System) ; here you can mage changes to pages, add items if you have our e-commerce system, change forms and more.  With a custom deployed system, we write all our modules as well as core thus you get a highly, reliable functioning website that will easily evolve as your business does.  One specific module we wrote recently was for a client that had very specific scheduling requirements and wanted to book people around the globe but convert the booking times so both the provider and customer knew it was the same time.

Voice Over:

Neighborhood Publications is more then just a printing and marketing company but one that will give your business a voice even if that requires a commercial or voice over.  Thirty-second, sixty-second commercials to get the facts out about why they should consider using your services.  Did you know that we have recorded books for several including Amazon ACX. 

Website Graphic Design:

You already know we produce websites which are the code that runs the engine to manage and display your site and that activates its technology to get you business.  But we also do the graphic design of headers, footers, fonts, and page layout to make sure not only does it work efficient but it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and will have a higher rate of conversion.

Social Media:

Having a website is not just enough, you must have some type of continuous social media plan.  This means we will have you answer some questions specifically about your business then our writing team will send you back the content for your approval.  We offer the ability to just do twitter, twitter plus Instagram, twitter plus Instagram and face and also twitter plus Instagram plus Facebook and LinkedIn.  Once you approve the monthly content our system will schedule it as best times to attract viewers to your website to obtain more information about your products and service.  Best of all this is a month to month service; you can cancel anytime so long as you have not taken our yearly package where you will save 10% and it's all paid of front for that.

Local Business:

Neighborhood Publications located in Franklin Lakes NJ is a local full service one-stop resource to get the marketing and customized messaging solutions your business needs whether that is just in your town or anywhere in the us.  Talk to us today, and learn how we have been the breath of fresh air that your business has been waiting for.


Did you know that we not only provide services to Franklin Lakes where we are located but also many other towns including but not limited to:

 *Paramus, *NJ Teaneck, NJ *Ridgewood, NJ *Englewood, NJ *Fair Lawn,NJ *Mahwah, NJ  *Wyckoff,   NJ  *Westwood, NJ  *Glen Rock,NJ  *Lyndhurst, NJ  *Lodi, NJ  *Garfield,NJ *Midland Park, NJ *Montvale,NJ *Waldwick NJ  *Wayne, NJ  *Totowa, NJ  *Cedar Grove, NJ *Clifton, NJ *Fairfield, NJ *Oakland, NJ